About Me

Hello! Welcome to my Adventure Blog.

For the longest time I thought that I had to have a lot of money or an excessive amount of time in order to have fun and exciting adventures; those misconceptions kept me from really venturing out and enjoying life to its fullest.  I’m sure you’ve seen the beautiful pictures on Instagram and Facebook posted by people that seem to have an unending flow of money and apparently no job (because how else would they be able to spend so much time traveling unless they had no job).  I’ve seen those pictures too, and I, like so many other people, dreamed about a life that seemed so impossible.

Unfortunately I let so many years and so many opportunities get away from me because I was stuck in the idea that I NEEDED to travel to a foreign country or have extravagant trips in order for my adventures to be valid.  Through my young adult years I traveled to different major cities in the United States, but again, I felt that I had to make major events out of those trips in order for them to be “cool”.  It wasn’t until I left a very good paying job and money got tight that I started to look for more creative ways to stay occupied.  I sought out free events, hiking trails, and historical areas in my city that were free to the public; that’s truly where my adventuring took off.

I welcome you to come along with me on my adventures; some will be more exciting than others, but I can guarantee that there will always be something of value.  My goal is to inspire you to embark on adventures of your own.

Till the next adventure!