Mission San Diego de Alcala – the First Mission in Alta California

Mission San Diego de Alcala Mission San Diego de Alcala stands on one of the oldest sites of Spanish occupation in California.  During the majority of the Spanish occupation of Mexico (1521-1821), there wasn’t much effort made by the Spanish

Kenmore House Video is Up!

Kenmore House Hey everyone!  The Kenmore House is up on YouTube!  I took enough footage for several videos, but we’ll start with this one. Since Kenmore doesn’t allow photo or video inside, this video is only of the exterior areas. 

Heritage Park video is up!

Heritage Park, Old Town San Diego If you have ever driven through Old Town in San Diego, California, no doubt you have seen the beautiful Victorian Houses that sit on the hillside.  But did you know that you can actually

The Beginnings of Chatham Manor

The Beginnings of Chatham Manor Before Virginia became a state, and even before the American Revolution, there was Chatham Manor.  Built between 1768 and 1771 by William Fitzhugh,  Chatham was named for the 1st Earl of Chatham, William Pitt.  Pitt

Free Things to Do in Richmond, VA

Richmond, Virginia! One of the difficult things about adventuring, is that sometimes it costs money.  Well, this article is going to cover some free things to do in Richmond, VA. The only cost, is time.  You will probably be able

Gold in Virginia- It’s Not Just a California Thing

Eureka! Gold in Virginia Until recently, I always believed that California was the end all be all in gold production for the United States.  I never imagined that there would be gold in Virginia.  In school, history class was ripe

Green Animals Topiary Garden in Rhode Island

Green Animals? The name can be a little confusing if you’ve never been to a topiary garden, or if you have no idea what a topiary garden even is.  Are there going to be animals there? Are they green? Is it

Art in Fredericksburg, Virgina

Historical Fredericksburg Fredericksburg, Virginia, situated halfway between Richmond and Washington, DC, is a small city, rich with history.  It is impossible to walk down any of the streets in downtown Fredericksburg and not come across a building or structure that

Swannanoa Palace- Hauntingly Beautiful

Swannanoa Palace Seated atop Afton Mountain, Swannanoa stands as a beautiful testament of love from a husband to his wife.  The palace is a majestic Italian Renaissance Revival villa, modeled after buildings in the Villa Medici in Rome.  Swannanoa sits

Fort Harrison Civil War Camp

Living History at Fort Harrison This past weekend, the Richmond National Battlefield Park Service hosted a Living History event at Fort Harrison. Fort Harrison? You mean Fort Burnham? No… Yes…. Wait….  Ok, let me explain… During the Civil War, Fort