Sherman-GIlbert House, Heritage Park, Old Town

Heritage Park video is up!

Heritage Park, Old Town San Diego

If you have ever driven through Old Town in San Diego, California, no doubt you have seen the beautiful Victorian Houses that sit on the hillside.  But did you know that you can actually walk up to the houses and look at them up close?  Heritage Park was created by the city of San Diego to save some of the historical structures in San Diego.

The Heritage Park, Old Town San Diego video is up on YouTube!  For easy access, I included it below.  I took enough footage for several videos, but we’ll start with this one.  This hidden gem has always been one of my favorite places to visit and explore.  Currently there are seven historical structures in the park; 2 are open to walk through and explore.

I hope you enjoy the video!  It is only a brief snapshot of all the beauty to explore.  So, be sure to stop by and visit when you are in San Diego.  And if you need other ideas to explore, be sure to check out this article about Little Italy.

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