James Monroe Museum

James Monroe Museum and Memorial Library I recently stumbled across the James Monroe Museum and Memorial Library quite by accident.  I stopped to visit the Masonic cemetery next door and notice a large Entrance sign sitting adjacent the cemetery.  The

Alum Spring Park- From Dinosaurs to Duels

Amazing History at Alum Spring Park Preserved sandstone that has been here since the Dinosaurs roamed the Earth, Civil War history, 2 duels, and George Washington? Say whaaaaat?  You had me at Dinosaur! Try and Try Again I found Alum

Historical Fredericksburg

Enjoying Historical Fredericksburg Many of the adventure posts recently have been in and around historical Fredericksburg, Virginia, and for good reason.  Fredericksburg is rich with Adventuring opportunities.  This past weekend, I decided to venture into downtown Fredericksburg to enjoy a